Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Lets get this started then...

It's that time of year where you take stock of the past year and start making plans for the future.

1. Start a blog: Check and check. I always like to put something on the list that I've already done. It helps me delude myself that I'm being productive. I think I've earned a nap now.

2. Write a crochet pattern: I have one that I began (two years ago ahem...) which is inspired by a blanket I saw in a museum while on my hollybobs in Cornwall. Once it's done that moves me on nicely to goal number 3...

3. Set up an etsy shop: I make a fair few bits and pieces which well meaning folks say to me 'ooo you should sell these'. Only problem is generally I have made them from a pattern developed by someone else. If anyone can explain to me the rules of copyright in these things I would be very grateful. So far all I can gather is 'it depends' which isn't helpful when it's legal matters and people's livelihoods you're messing about with. The only route through I can see is to make my own patterns.

4. Learn some advanced crochet stitches: Hairpin, Tunisian and Irish are all things I plan to master in the first instance. That is once I finish this and regain the use of my hands.

5. Create a workable handmade wardrobe: When discussing this with the fella his comments were 'well we don't really have any room for any more furniture'. No dearest, contents not container. I'm hoping something like this will be happening again this year. I also plan to put some thoughts in how best to make it a workable wardrobe.

So that seems a good place to begin. I aim to post the things I make: both those that go well and I'm showing off; as well as those that don't go so well in order to learn from my mistakes (or just distract me from throwing a massive toddler temper tantrum). Others bits and pieces that catch my eye will also pop up from time to time.

Oh last but not least I suppose I better introduce you to my partner in crime for all of this. My dress makers' form: Olive!

Currently she's wrapped in a partly completed Newcastle Cardigan from Thread Theory in possibly the softest loveliest grey fleece I've ever had the good fortune to periodically smoosh my face into (Plush Addict if you're interested, and you should be!).

Well ta ta for now.