Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Humbug Hokes It Up: I didn't choose the Pug life, the Pug life chose me.

Happy short week.

I'm back at work following having a week's leave so in an effort to push me through the return to work blues I thought I'd invent a new feature. A lot of my sewing involves various people asking 'Could you just....' followed by a number of weird and wonderful requests for alterations or creations.

I've therefore decided to call it 'Humbug Hokes It Up' as: A. I wanted something beginning with H as I love me some alliteration and B. when looking up the meaning of these phrase it means to add superficial or deceptive improved quality or value. I also love me some self-deprecation.

So this first edition involves one of the odder requests that I've had made. Altering a Pug's tuxedo to make it a bit bigger and just a tot more flamboyent. I was told to go nuts. I love when people tell me I can do that.

This is the original:

                         As you can see it's a bit too small and doesn't do the dapper chap justice.

What I did:

  • Levered off the press studs with a pair of pliers (very satisfying).
  • Made new button bands with a cream satiny fabric to add a further inch or so at the front
  • Attached Velcro to fasten it at the front
  • Stitched lace trim around the cuffs. 
  • Made ruffles using this tutorial as a guide. I stitched more to the edge than centre to give this effect

This is the final result. I'm very pleased with it as is the Pug Mummy. 

All photos taken by and used with the kind permission of Pug Mummy.

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