Monday, 4 May 2015

I did some mother trucking knitting

I did it! I knit something!

I get the majority of people who see the things I make will think, so? You knit lots of things. Well first off that's crochet and second it took me so bloody long to get my head round this. I don't know why. There seemed to be some blockage in my brain that went 'nope' whenever anyone tried to teach me.

I only had one temper tantrum and frogged the whole damn thing, that's positively mature adult for me. There's a couple of places where I dropped or picked up stitches but not massively and blocking hides a multitude of sins.

This time I was determined though. This time I was doing it. I think what kicked it off was seeing that you start with the same sliding knot as you do in crochet. I can do that, so I can do this I kept telling myself. The pattern is Wheat from Tincanknits who do an excellent basics set of learner patterns. I plan to go through all of the lessons which will result in a scarf, cowl, socks, jumper and cardi.

Each level has two alternatives for example you can make the scarf or a blanket. As there is no way on earth I'd have the patience for a whole blanket I went with scarf. You can make both or just the one and I've chosen one at each level apart from the last as I would like both a jumper and a cardi.

I think I'm really getting this though and I've already cast on my next project (get me, 'casting on', no big deal). On circular needles none the less though I wish someone had warned me about cheap circular needles. I snapped my first Pony set almost straight out of the packet. A needles a needles a needle or so I thought. Second purchase of Knitpro interchangeable going muuuuuuuuch smoother.

Last a word on photography. If I'm going to do this I need decent photos to show the goods. Only thing is I'm crap at photography and what's worse not overly fascinated by learning it. It's a means to an end but the process doesn't exactly fill me with the warm and fuzzys. It's how I imagine most people feel about sewing; they want the pretty dress at the end, not so bothered how it got there.

My good friend and photography whizz Denny has been trying to teach me the basics. I'm a bad student as I took these photos by just pressing all the buttons which is definitely NOT what he taught me. Hopefully when I go visiting at the end of the month I'll leave with some rather more defined skills or he'll knock my head off in frustration. One or the other.

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