Sunday, 1 January 2017

So I started the year as I plan to go on, being woken every 15 minutes from 11pm because I was going to miss it.

So the first big event of the year has come and gone. New Years Eve. The fella and I spent it in catching up on the telly of the year and eating a rather fine fishy smorgasbord that I prepared for us. We wore matching Christmas jammies and put the cats (briefly) in Christmas jumpers.

I did debate doing the dark haired visitor carrying a coin to keep wealth in the home, salt to keep food in the home and coal to keep heat in the home. As the fella is ginger I would be the closest thing to this as I do have (very fair) brown hair and some of my references only say a person visitors and doesn't specify it has to be a man. When it came to it though I was nodding off by 11pm and when 12am came I was willing the fireworks to just get on with it so decided to just go to bed. We also didn't sing Auld Lang Syne so frankly we just weren't taking it seriously. I have had it stuck in my head all day though.

I know there is a fashion for skipping the resolutions due to the cliche that they just get broken before the month is out. Accepting you're doing your best is admirable and I would advise it at any opportunity but I do like a resolution. I found this quote which I think sums it up and what is a resolution but a point of focus?

Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something.

If I don't do it then I just need to resolve again, and again, and again. I'll keep doing it til where I want to be pays off. It's all we can do really.


  • Take care of yourself, dammit woman. There are situations in your life that are making you miserable. Do everything you can to change them. Even if some of them strike you as a bit wanky. Switch self conscious for self care.
  • Stop mucking about on Instagram/Buzzfeed/Simpsons Tapped Out/ Facebook etc etc etc. You said this to yourself last year and you're saying it again now. This is why you don't achieve half of what you could. 
  • Finish your book. Don't care if it's crap. Finish it. You turn 30 this year and you've been telling yourself this story for the last 15 years. Get. It. Finished. Then do the next one.
  • Take care of your surroundings. You are chaotic and cluttered little toad. You don't have to be. Keep your home tidy. Make that vegetable patch work as a kitchen garden. You also told yourself this last year but you didn't do it. Probably cause you were mucking about on Facebook. 
  • Try to be a bit kinder

I woke up this morning and got the first one started. I also cut out all the fabric for my two flower girl dresses as it occured to me that my wedding is no longer next year but now is next month. Turns out floor length, four tier dresses in guaze are a chuff load of pieces. Who knew? 

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