Sunday, 30 April 2017

In the merry merry month of May.

 Tomorrow is the first day of May and that means it's Me Made May time again. A time when makers across the land make pledges to wear their own handiwork through the month of may. 

Cookie Blouson and given away to a colleague who liked it 

With that in mind I needed to consider what my pledge this year would be. I looked back over my instagram posts and found some of the garments I made are no longer with me. Either they didn't fit right, the construction was dodgy or they just didn't feel like me.

Sencha blouse finished and although I'm not sure I'm keen on the cut it will stay with me forever as the fabric has the same name as me. Well it did before I was married...

It feels like each time I participate that there should be progress which I suppose is towards the ultimate goal of making all of my own clothing. I'm not entirely convinced I want to go all the way down that road but knowing that I could make them all if I wanted to. My pledge last year was at least one handmade item per day which I would record daily in instagram (which I achieved) and blog once a week (which I did not....In fact I didn't blog again until 2017).

The barrel loads of teeny pieces cut out for two flower girl dresses

The year before I had made a similar pledge of one item per day but gave up after day three as I just wasn't there yet. I also couldn't be bothered to take the photos with my camera but fortunately I find instagram much more achievable.

Did finish the Bruyere and it gets regular use and love.

So where does this stand for a older wiser 2017 Humbug? One item per day is definitely achievable so how do I push this forwards? Two items? In the end here is the pledge I make. Lets see how we go.

I did finish this but I don't think it was in May. The fit on the armholes was crap though so off to the charity shop it went.

'I, Amy of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '17. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item and at least three times a week two each day for the duration of May 2017. I will try to complete my unfinished jumper and the garments I have cut out ready to be stitched. I will instagram once a day and round up once a week' 

Looking at the photos above I should also probably work on taking better photographs 😒

This photo is nice though....the top didn't survive as the fit on the bust was AWFUL but the picture is pretty.

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