Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Rosa by any other name...

Evening all. 

May I present to you my wearable muslin for the Rosa shirt dress. I can be a bit hit and miss with Tilly and the Buttons patterns. Patterns such as the Coco and the Rosa grab me right away. The Martha was a slow burn, I wasn't keen on the sample but I've seen other versions which have really appealed. That just goes to show the versatility of a sewing pattern. 

Then there's Marigold pattern which reminds me of the Spaced episode Dissolution:

Tim: I know. I look like a (naughty swear for lady parts) in a jumpsuit.
Daisy: Don't say that, Tim. That's a word that hates women.
Tim: What? (naughty swear for lady parts)?
Daisy: No, "jumpsuit" 

Just a joke as obviously there's nothing wrong with the pattern it's just not my taste as I categorise it in the 'trendy'. Yep I used the word trendy. I went there. 

The Rosa however is exactly to my taste and I was really excited when it was realised. Especially when I saw the purple cord shirt dress version Tilly made herself. I wanted one just like it but first off needed to make a muslin because as a busty lass the button down can be a tricksy beast. It's sleeveless because maybe the muslin idea came to be me at the last minute and then just maybe I only had enough fabric to make it sleeveless. The colour scheme came from googling paint matches cause frankly I'm winging this most of the time.

I love the piping in the princess seams and yoke. I did debate whether adding it to the pockets was too much but then though sod it why not. I did draw the line at the collar. As we all know you pipe collars or pocket, never both...

The armholes are bound with bias binding. It's a technique I've had difficulties with in the past but I'm quite pleased with how smooth this one looks. Initially there was a bit of wrinkling but that calmed down with enough steam.

My only stumbling point was the back yoke. I cut a little too far in when turning at the point so had to stitch again further across to prevent an exposed edge which makes it unbalanced. Though as with all questions of errors in my work I ask myself would anyone who I didn't tell about the problem notice it?....then I tell people about it. 

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