Sunday, 4 January 2015

Looking backwards to move forwards (is a pretty good way to trip up a curb).

I've been looking at all of the review posts that have been popping up. Obviously I'm too new at this to do one this year but I think having everything posted in once place will be good to help me reflect and review for 2016.

To avoid wishing my life away though I'll focus on the here and now. First completed project is this:

A lady's version of Thread Theories Newcastle Cardigan. I'd previously made one for the fella for Christmas and I really love masculine features in my own clothing so I made me one too. I did have to add four inches to the pattern at the bottom because in my defense it's a men's pattern and I've got a lot of junk in my trunk.

As mentioned in my last post it's made of really gorgeous charcoal fleece from Plush Addict which despite some misgivings from me about whether it was too bulky (especially when attaching the facing and collar as you are going through a lot of fabric) my sewing machine coped really well. I love this stuff and it's as snug as I had hoped. What I do not love is the stretch fusible interfacing. It stretches definitely but won't fuse to anything other than my sodding ironing board. That stuff is the work of the devil. Imagine trying to fold a rapidly melting choc ice into a neat fold. That's what working with this stuff is like.

I have one additional amendment to the pattern and that is I think it needs pockets so my next job will be drafting some pouch pockets with a, just visible, pretty floral lining. I'm not gonna look up a tutorial for this one which is my usual habit to see if I can work it out.

Yesterday was a pretty full on stitching day as I got this cardigan finished and pretty much finished a coco top which I was planning to wear. I hadn't hemmed it though so I figured I could either do a rush job and wear it or put on something else and give the finish more care and attention. I went down the care and attention line....well I did after I did a haphazard rush job of trying to bring it in at the waist which I'll have to unpick as it gives weird baggy bits.  Note to self when I start skim reading instructions this is a good point to move away from the sewing machine.

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