Monday, 5 January 2015

On the wagon

As the rather fine button to my right proclaims I am on the waggon participating in dryathlon for cancer research.

On my pinterest wanderings I came across this recipe for a virgin gin and tonic. Brilliant! I thought because there really is nothing better than coming home from work and fixing a cocktail. If I can still do that and remove the alcohol then mores the better. It would also be good when friends start ending up in the family way....wait contains juniper berries which pregnant women should avoid, ah maybe not.

So full of hope I toasted my aromatics and left them to steep in my non-alcoholic wine to ape the botanics in gin. I prepared my glass with one slice of lime rubbed around the rim and another dropped into the glass like I've seen them do in bars. I add Fevertree tonic (which frankly for me is really the best) and a shot of my virgin gin.

Gordon's do not endorse this beverage and neither do I.
Then......... well as long as you don't actually know what a gin and tonic tastes like you could believe this is one. The tonic and the lime is familiar so you could trick yourself that it's the real deal but then you get a bizarre aftertaste of grapes. I suppose I should have guessed by the fact that all of the comments are 'ooo I must try this' rather than 'I did try this and it was lovely'.

This is the cauliflower chicken nuggets all over again. I was willing to believe, really I was but some things are just too far fetched to be true. As a side note Chocolate Covered Katie may have failed to convince me with cauliflower but her black bean brownies truly are what they promise to be, delicious fudgey brownies that you really wouldn't know were healthy. Here's the recipe, have a go they're lovely.

So I guess from now on it's mocktails which are just tasty drinks in themselves rather than trying to be something else. There we go, philosophy from the bottom of a glass. Never try to imitate something else as you'll just end up a poor copy, be your own special creation. Oh dear life lessons have set in, probably best leave it there really...

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