Sunday, 14 May 2017

Me made man

Ok so today I'm not going to post a round up of the week. My instagram photos are all taken in my bedroom mirror which is too dark and not the world's best photos. Until I up this game I'm gonna leave the daily photo. Still wearing daily me made though.

So instead I bring you the fella. He had his birthday last week so I decided to make him some shirts for his birthday. We go on honeymoon later in the year so he asked for some nice cool shirts to take away with him. I have now perfected the Colette Negroni pattern so I made him a few in delicious liberty print tana lawn which fortunately comes reduced from Abakhans.

I also made him model; though frankly the fella is a diva. Not content just to star but also he provided art direction along the lines of: 'I should really be wearing my hat for this look' or 'no I can't pretend to be potting plants, this is a fancy shirt and it won't look right'. What can I say, you can't argue with the talent.

One thing I fail to get my head around is that men's shirts button on the opposite side to women's. Yes this is because women's are designed for someone else to do up for you and therefore not as easy to do up yourself. Yes it means he struggles to do his shirts himself. No it probably isn't necessary to make a statement on feminine oppression in your husband's birthday present...

He picked the fabric prints himself. This one I don't think he expected the pears to be as large when he picked it but I think he's pretty happy with the finished result.

Took the photos a bit late in the day so they're a little shadow heavy.

Especially this shadow. That one follows him around everywhere.

As standard I only decided I was going to do this the week before his birthday. Sadly I was two days late delivering but I figure it was worth the wait.

This one is really similar to the shirt that I made him last year. He's a man who knows what he likes. It didn't occur to me to use my edge stitching foot until after I'd put the first set of pockets on so one has a double line of stitching. I am calling this a design feature.

My handsome man who is in no way awkward being made to pose for photos. Not awkward at all.... no siree bob.

I batch stitched all three shirts which is a much quicker way to work. Pity he didn't pick three patterns that I could use the same thread for. I just switched over to the green at each point that felt like a sensible stopping point.

I love this relaxed style of collar and he always looks like he's on his hols when he's wearing one.

 This one is my favourite fabric choice and button combination. The buttons all came from a mahooosive bag of buttons I got at an Abakhan sale. The fabric has a slight fade to the print so it's really hard to work out which is the right side. I fully expect I've right and wrong side facing throughout this shirt.

Sat amongst his pride and joy. At some point I'll talk about the garden because he does work so hard on it and it is a beautiful space.

I think this is my favourite photo. Man of mystery. What is he thinking? 'World peace;? 'The fortune 500'? 'Will this silly woman stop taking photos so I can get back to my plants'? Possibly.

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