Sunday, 7 May 2017

Musings on Me Made May week 1

Hi all.

So that's the first week of May done. I've worn me made every single day and only been late to post once. Two things that jump out at me looking at my round up is A. Fit and B. Crappy photography. I will work on the photography, probably not this year but it's something to think about for next.

I love the coco pattern. I like the random assortment of buttons I stitched on. Sometimes I wonder if it's a little bit children's TV presenter but then I realise I don't care. It was an early days make and it's still going strong. Fits nicely and even though it was made pre-overlocker has not needed any repairs.

This was not a good look let's face it. I've got the tie in a weird place and the top is less fitted so really only goes with more fitted bottoms. My drawstring trousers with it just makes me look utterly shapeless. They're both very simple patterns so look at me grinning like it's my first make. It isn't so no excuse.

The bruyere shirt is also a favourite. Deer and doe really don't go up to my size so I had to hack the living daylights out of this pattern. Also due to my ongoing issues of obliviousness about the size of my waist I sized it up too much. It's comfy and good for work though. 

I don't know why but a sleeved t-shirt under this make me think I look like Billy Joel in uptown girl. I don't know why I have this in my head as I just looked up the video and he is very obviously wearing a long sleeve shirt. Anyway the t-shirt is on because my next Rosa will definitely need a full bust adjustment. As a fix for this one I'll try adding a couple of buttons on the inside.

This is defintely an example of awful photography. You only know what I've got on cause I tell you. I'm fairly sure photographs shouldn't work that way. *sigh*

I'm not sure the bettine is a shape that really works on me. I'm beginning to think more structured items are much better. It's comfy and has big pockets though so I kind of think of it as my house coat. 

Now this is just lazy photography. Couldn't even be bothered to stand up so just took a photo of my lap. You deserve better. You really do. 

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