Saturday, 14 February 2015

Grainlines. Running through my mind.

When it comes to making things I have a tendency towards baseless optimism. I tend to throw myself into things thinking 'how hard can it be' then I start doing them and realise 'Ah. This hard.'

I've mentioned before that I consider myself to be an intermediate crocheter. In terms of my seamstress abilities I say more adventurous beginner. This does not stop me that when someone asks whether I can alter a piece of clothing; for me to generally say yes. I figure it's a good way to learn new skills that otherwise I might not acquire for myself. For example never worked with sequins before but a sequin dress needed altering so off I trot.

It is also an excellent way to send my anxiety levels up to melt down level while I panic I'm going irretrievably ruin someone's clothing. I spend a lot of the time I'm working on something for someone looking for the item on ebay in case I do make an utter pig's ear of it (there you go people, a little insight into my working process). 

That in mind when making clothing for myself it might be an idea to be aware of where my abilities lie and select patterns according. .....So I selected a pattern marked advanced. Entirely disregarding my skill and experience level, yeah let's do that.

I'm going to make the Grainline Duffle coat. I've chosen to make it in waxed cotton as I don't really like the feel of wool against my skin. I wanted it to be warm though so I'm lining it with very prettiful flannel and interlining it with thinsulate. Never lined anything before never mind interlining something, meh I'm sure it'll be fine.

There's a sew along here though I imagine as the designer has said repeatedly that this is an advanced pattern there will be a certain element of assuming you know what you're doing. Never assume I know what I'm doing. Having looking through the instructions though so far it doesn't seem to be too dissimilar to things I did in the Newcastle Cardigan and that went ok.

I also decided I didn't much like the toggles so on a pinterest wandering I came across coats fastened with buckles so I've three navy buckles to pop on. Wish me luck while I cut out 40 odd pieces from five different types of fabric (!) I'm going to need it. 

As regards Valentine's Day the fella will be playing Grand Theft Auto while I cut out fabric. This afternoon he'll go out to the football while I read up on skin lesions and the potential underlying cardiac causes. When he gets back I'll be giving him a respiratory examination including percussing the location and size of his liver because well romance. 

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