Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Who would've thought.... it figures.

Good day ladles and gestures.

Cut pieces of my grainline duffle coat lining. 
So I was reading Karen Ball at didyoumakethat's post on tips for blogging (available here). As I'm new to this blogging lark I'm keen for any tips to make what I write worth reading and expand those who want to read it. You would not believe the excitement I get when I look at my blog stats and there's people from America reading. America! That means they're not people who know me and are humoring me. They came across this all on their own!

Tincanknits wheat scarf. Still has 35 stitches on the needles!
Why does it matter to me so much that people read? Well I guess any activity you do you want to achieve something. Though maybe it would be healthier for me, living in a world where I'm constantly having to meet some measure or grade, that I do something just for the sake of doing it. It doesn't matter whether anyone reads it it's just important to get the words out, to chronicle the things I make and the steps I took.

Jan CAL filler square 
Then maybe as Karen says the conversation is the key. Although this is something I enjoy both the crafting and blogging I'm always going to want to do it well and maybe the measure of success is the degree it engages with someone else? The numbers are irrelevant if it starts a meaningful conversation with someone then it's hit its mark.

So I leave you with one small request. If you're reading this please pop me a quick comment to say where you're writing from and the best piece of advice you got or gave. Bonus points if you're a blogger and it's blogging advice.




  1. I love the fact that blogging gives you readers and friendships from around the world. I think it helps open up your perspective massively. Great blogging!

    1. Thank you and thank you for devising the exercise. Being a looky lou on other people's blogs has helped develdevelop my own skills so hopefully participating in that conversation will expand that.