Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sometimes it's ok to take a step back and admit you're being ridiculous

Morning all,

So I frogged my knitting. Frogging is when you unravel a piece of work and so called as it's supposed to sound like a frog as you 'rip it, rip it' each stitch out.... What can I say knitters are every kind of odd that you imagine.

I may have frogged it on the basis of a slight overreaction. I spent the weekend with my friends in their new married people, grown up house with their new golden Labrador puppy. Observing me knitting my friend's husband asks 'why do you swing your working yarn like that?' he then proceeds to demonstrate a much quicker and more efficient way of doing it on his neat WIP (work in process). In my attempts to copy I demonstrate a good likeness of someone going into death spasms following electrocution.

This put my nose out. I thought I was doing ok. I still had the same amount of stitches on my needles as I started with, which considering my previous attempts where the number would vary wildly, I was very proud of. Sure I was slow but I'd managed to master knitting and purling...kinda. Now I see that I've not mastered this as all. Then the puppy got involved. Now I am slightly scared of dogs, I was bitten in the face by one as a child (totally my own fault I was trying to steal his dinner). I'm better with them now but I still don't like if they growl or snap even if they're just playing.

So when the puppy does some playful gumming I shift my hand sharpish resulting in me inserting roughly half an inch of knitting needle into my hand and snapping the needle in half. Imagine, if you will, using a 5mm circumferenced piece of wood as a cannula. Well that was me gone. Knitting is decided to be evil and the whole thing can bite me. I proceed to frog it.

Now in calm reflection looking back on it, I may have been a bit hasty. There's more than one way to do most things in life. Just because I don't knit the way people generally do, doesn't mean I'm wrong. Yes it does mean it's going to be slower and more laborious but with practice I could get to be quite quick. Really all that matters is I get an end result I'm happy with, surely?

Last night I started the same pattern but using tunisian crochet but maybe with another ball of yarn I'll cast back on. Maybe look at some tutorials on how to hold my needles properly. Maybe not let a case of gender equality and a slight impalement knock my confidence.

Do any of the knitters out there have any tips for a beginner with a cack handed hold on her needles? Also if any of you use bloglovin would you be a love and give me a follow. Soothe what's left of my damaged self esteem.

Puppy's owner would like it noted that said puppy and I are still friends. 

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