Thursday, 26 February 2015

Playing dress up starts at age five and never really ends.

I mentioned back in Jan that one of my goals for this year was to create a working handmade wardrobe. I have been looking at the Coletterie wardrobe architect series to help organise my thoughts. I'm skipping to the core style section as I think the manner that who you are as a person impacts on how you dress to be a little too in depth for my purposes.

So first off how do I feel when I'm wearing my favourite clothes?

Well first off I feel comfortable. It's a bit of a non-answer but it's important. If I'm not comfortable in my clothes I'm off all day as what I'm wearing is constantly on my mind. I'm the correct temperature, if I'm too hot or cold then I'm also not focused on the day. If I'm dressed in my favourite clothes I feel confident and capable. I tend to favour practical clothing so I don't feel restricted by it. If I was wearing a very short skirt I'd be constantly concerned about flashing my undercarriage and therefore limit my activity accordingly. I'm able to take on what is thrown at me if I'm dressed how I like to be. I would feel feminine but not girly, I like masculine design features as I think they emphasise femininity without being girly.

How do I feel when it's not right?

Awkward. Limited and restricted. Huge. Although I am ok with my figure I have no particular desire to emphasise every lump and bump. I also feel very self conscious.

Who are my style icons?


All images taken from my pinterest board on the topic.

Styles I like but that don't work for me?

  • 50s full circle skirts. I love them but they make me look huuuuuugha
  • Floaty blouses. See my first point. 
  • Fun prints. I think they're so cool but I just don't like them on me. Feels costumey. 
Words that describe what I believe my style to be (or would like it to be):

  • Practical
  • Preppy
  • Neutral
  • Modest 
  • Feminine
  • Fitted
  • Masculine
  • Sleek
  • Casual
  • Laidback
  • Smart
  • Comfortable
  • Layers
  • Simple
  • Elegant
Narrowing it to just three words to work with: Layers, Simple, Preppy 

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